art and science …

| –  The workflows. We Accept media 24/7. Whether you shoot on a file-based cameras like RED, Arri and Sony the Colourgrade Media offer more advanced workflows for finishing and Digital Intermediate (DI) with our update DI systems for grading and mastering. The Colourgrade Media efficient data-centric facility is all about saving time and money without compromising on quality. In fact, we can work on any project with any system.

| – When you choose Colourgrade Media, you gain access to the highest quality and incomparable value for money. Communication is the key point in starting a quality colour grading process. We are exceptionally accessible, affordable, comfortable and trustworthy. Once we have defined the style and discover everything that you need, the post-studio is where the magic unfolds. This includes getting the final shapes and colour feelings in order to give you something to be proud of.

| – The most artistically stunning color grading work. The client vision is the key in the process. We strive to understand and have a rewarding collaboration because we never give you anything less than what you need. After getting the basis of what you need, we proceed with analysis of the workflows and present the ideas, possibilities, and directions in which we can go in. Colour grading from RAW files is a guarantee of absolute best quality.

| – Superior Digital Intermediate (DI) Color Grading. The colour grading is not just art; it is also science. It is a deep understanding of video processing and calibration and of course, the magic eyes for colour grading! During the process we also cover corrections for variations in the material such as film errors, scratches, dirt, colour discords, faults, matching varying lighting conditions, dead pixesl, de-noising, de/re-graining, night for day, and all requirements as a part of the grading process. Every clip is manually tweaked to get a good exposure and balance of light, as well as a perfect match of temperature and predefined choices for each scene.

| – Online editing is a post-production linear video editing process that is performed in the final stage of a film production. This process will include laying sound mixes, creating titles, captions, graphics, effects, pan and scanning, and making sure the project looks at its best and at the highest picture quality. With the most up to date Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid technology, we add a finishing touch to each and every unique project we complete.

| –  Deliverables. When the editing, conform, color and mastering of your film is complete, Colourgrade Media will take care of the rest to deliver all the various versions, files to your studio. Deliverables include: HDCAM SR, DI archive of the 4K, 2K DPX files (onto hard drive), DCP for theatrical release, Film outs, Blu-Ray & DVD screeners and all the necessary file types for use on the internet.

| –Affordable pricing & fast turn-around with the same great services. The pricing structure is now more in tune with our philosophy of keeping things simple. We look at each film project individually to tailor a realistic and accurate estimate to meet each specific need. We provide customer cost savings and increased attention to detail while boosting the quality standards for each film project. Our typical fee structure is designed to benefit the client and is based on minutes of footage rather than our competitors’ prices, what they charge per hour.

| – Unbeatable value. If you’re wondering how long your colour grading job will take, what the possibilities are, and how much it will cost, get an estimate right now. To contact us with any enquiries please download the pdf Grading Service Form, fill and email the form to So, if you want your film to have cinematic color done right, Colourgrade Media is your post-studio of choice. Send us a hard drive or an electronic transfer with your media and we will take care of the rest.

No job is too small or too large for Colourgrade Media.