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Andre Rusu Online & Colour Commitment!

April 2, 2013 clients  No comments

Our colour grade for Clowning Around is being worked on by Swedish born, BAFTA award winning Andre Rusu a quite gifted Colour Grader and Online Editor. We’re very happy to have him aboard the project to give the film the finishing touches it needs to truly shine and we’re so impressed by his work ethic and commitment to our film as well as the incredible standard of his artistry.

Andre has given us a little insight into his work and the art of colour grading and his personal commitment to the work he does. We’ve learned first-hand how he gives a great deal more to his projects than you might expect. Here’s how: "Passion for science, technology and art came as a symbiosis with my education BA/MA Fine Arts and Digital Post Production at the National Film and Television school to develop

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