innovative and efficient DI colour grading

Artist-owned post-studio boutique founded in 2010, Colourgrade Media is about following a passion to express and devote a new and creative vision for colourgrading, technical colour correction, finishing and editing for HD, 2K, 4K theatrical releases, feature and short films, documentaries, music promos, global brand and ad campaigns, commercials, web content, and everything that fits between.

London and Stockholm based DI post-production facility specialises in colour grading and on-line editing services for TV programs and Film productions, Colourgrade Media post-studio is an ideal working atmosphere having a complete colour grading and editing environment with professional Digital Intermediates (DI) post production systems to provide high quality post production services equal to that of large post facilities.

Colourgrade Media’s finishing colourgarder and editor Andre Rusu has over 10 years professional experience working on films, documentaries, music promos, commercials, and web content, so you can be assured your project has landed in safe hands. Andre is experienced and proficient in operating advanced Digital Intermediates (DI) systems which include: Nucoda Film Master, Baselight, Quantel iQ Pablo, Avid DS Nitris HD, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Speedgrade, Assimilate Scratch, and other innovative finishing systems.

The founder and CEO of Colourgrade Media, Andre Rusu, MA Colorist, Editor and Digital Post Production Supervisor has contributed to the picture post-production on many appreciated films which took home 32 Award Nominations and won 19 Awards at 80 film festivals around the world, including a BAFTA for the Best Short Film at the 64th British Academy Film Awards 2011 Until The River Runs Red.